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My over analisis of why I like him!
Published on March 21, 2005 By msladydeath In Personal Relationships
Got ya to look! LOL.

Anyway, Here is my look into why I (like so many others) like Ty Pennington. Is it because he is a celebrity, no, not for me at least, I still would think like this if he was just the guy I saw in the bar from time to time, exept I probably wouldn't know his name since I would still be to damn shy to walk up to him and say hi. Belive me, there are those guys in the bar like that for me. For me, it's just because he has what is for me, and attractive personality. The body and face don't hurt either, but there are a lot of hot guys I know, that I don't like or even find overly attractive because their personality is that of a baseball, Only slitely amusing if someone actually gives it enough attention, and when it's not being played with, is completely dull. Remember, it takes 2 hole teams to make a baseball amusing. Ty has been quoted as saying he could amuse himself in a closet for 6 days. As funny as that sounds, that is actually attractive to me, it shows a personality that wouldn't just stop because someone wasn't stroking it for him. Shows thinking independant of a crowd, and would make a home life easyer (for me) to handle. I hate haveing to constantly stroke a mans ego so that he would actually talk to me. The fact that he is famous, and hosts Extreme Makeover: Home edition, shows that he can (and does) hold a "stable" job. (Considered Stable just because we see it every week). Considering, unless you know Ty personally (I don't) the compasion he shows to others on TV, it creates a feeling that if I were with him (yep, nice daydream LOL) he would be symathetic and compassiate to me when he came home from work, and a very passionate person (have to ask his girlfriend to know that for sure ).

What I see of him on TV makes me like him. If you ask if I dream about him, well ya, sure I do. Not because I want to marry him or anything, but because I see his face enough that it's easy to do and less frightening than that faceless hunk I would probably be dreaming of anyway. I know women that could "stare at him all day", I'm not sure how they would do that. It would drive me nuts, yea he has a nice body, but I can't stare at anything for long. I would like to see more pictures of him on the net, but only if they were pictures from shots he set up, and not papperatzzi shit. I don't think anyone should have to deal with those animals, and I don't like the privacy invation they invoke.

I suppose to end this I'll just say, as much as I would like to actually meet Ty Pennington, I would be afraid that if I did, the meeting may ruin the mistique that makes him so attractive to me. The celebritys I have met haven't ruined it for me, but I always worry that it would. I think the reason Celebs are so thrilling to meet is that we all have this idea of what they should be like and there is always that fear that they will do something, well, normal. I guess my fear would be that I would be ignored or forgotten. Then again, I wouldn't want to just meet Ty, I would like to be freinds with Ty. Oh well, I rather doubt he will read this, but I can always dream. LOL. UPDATE: Yes, Ty does have a longtime girlfriend, and her name is Drea Bock. Don't ask me for a picture, I don't know what she looks like, how old or any of that, and it's not my buisness to know. Drea is one lucky lady.

on Mar 26, 2005
my mom wants to know if you have a girlfriend
on Mar 27, 2005
um, if who has a girlfriend? Me, no, I'm a straight female... .... But since I think your asking if Ty has a girlfriend, from what I understand, yes, he has had a steady girlfriend for the last 2 years, but don't quote me on that, that's just what I have read, I wouldn't even know her name.
on Mar 28, 2005
Alright, did some research, and I do know her name! It's Drea Bock, and they own a home together. Sorry Ladies!
on Apr 11, 2005
ty you are so sexy. but you do need to take your shirt off more on your shows!
your so hott i love you i came when you were in raytown love ya
i wish you were my boyfriend but imn only 13 love ya bye
on Oct 01, 2005
Reading your article about Ty floored me because that is why I like Ty so much also. When they ask you to describe what you like in a man can we just list "Ty Pennington". Thank you for writing such a wonderful article.
on Oct 03, 2005
Thank you so much Rheena. I had fun writing it and I'm thrilled someone actually took the time to read it and comment.
on Oct 15, 2005
Ty and Drea!
on Oct 16, 2005

Here is a working link to that site, cute pic!!
on Oct 29, 2006
I know Drea's sister......Drea and Ty have been together for over 7 years.
on Dec 16, 2006
your article was sooooo true i got to see him in chicago and he is same awesome person on and off camera. If you get the chance to meet him i would he won`t let you down.