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Shakespear couldn't spell *L*
Published on August 22, 2005 By msladydeath In Misc
Ah, Spelling. Hated it in school, hate it now, never could do it, dispite my best efforts to correct it. Well, I guess I'm not the only one since if you do a search (I use you'll find many sites on Spelling reform. Some crazy, but some are valid, or at least make a valid argument.

To Quote

English spelling is too difficult for most people.
Even after 11 years at school barely half of all English speakers become confident spellers.
Italian children can spell accurately after just 2 years at school.
Italy has only half as many identified dyslexics as England.

The pronunciation of words changes over time and languages have to update their spelling systems or they become divorced from pronunciation and very difficult to learn. English spelling has been simplified a little over the centuries. We no longer write, 'atte, hadde, olde, shoppe', or use the letter 'u' for both the V-sound and the U-sound. 'Over' used to be written 'ouer'. English spelling is in need of similar further improvements.

English is the only language (actively used) that has not gone through an overhaul in the last 100 yrs. Should we consider overhauling the spelling or not? Changing words like Enough to Enuf? Yacht to Yat or doughnut to donut?

I personally would have problems adapting, but it would be easier for the upcoming generations to learn, and for imigrants to learn.

I personally don't think there needs to be an overhaul near as extreme and the website suggests, just working to do away with the conflicting rules would be nice. Possible the multiple sounds (ski, bleed, read,) I'm not sure though. Why else would I ask others thoughts on the subject though?

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