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Published on July 13, 2005 By msladydeath In Diet
Alrighty, I'm starting a new "diet". Ok, So actually it's a diet pill so I don't think it really counts as a diet.

Day 1 Starting Weight.... 226. pant size is Mens 40 (I don't where womens jeans, I don't find them comfortable or flattering, I have an odd frame)

So my diet pill of choise is called Equitrim and since I can find nothing about it on the net, I'll post what I can about it for other that may be intrested. Then if any doctors have oppinions on this, or anyone else for that matter, it can be posted here, and people considering this can see them and make a more educated desision than I did.

Product name: Equitrim

Company name: Equitrim Institute

Promise: Incredible! It's here at last.... direct from Brazil. 4 tablets only to lose up to 24 lbs, what more could you want? Now all women have the chance to slim and stay slim.... with only 4 tablets and nothing more Equitrim! The Brazilian Secret is at last available to all. The Discovery of the Century! A single Equitrim tablet enables you to lose up to 6 lbs in 5 days. It's proven! No dieting... No drugs... No effort... No itredness.... Not a thing to do! (Note: This is straight off the ad and not my opinion, I don't know if it works yet, that's what I'm trying to find out *L*)

Ingredients: Canca Papaya, Citric acid, Citrus Aurapturn, Citrus Grandis, Citrus Lomonen, Garcinia, Glycyrhizza Clabra, Natural Lemon Flavor, Polyvurvioyrrohdose, Sacchann, Silicrum, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Ester, Sorbitol (Note: some may be misspelled, the ink rubbed a little and it's kinda hard to read)

Directions for use: Place one tablet in one large bottle of water (32 fl. oz) in the morning of your first day of treatment. Drink this throughtut the day or during the morning hours. Continue to drink lots of water. During the following 4 days it is important to drink at least one large bottle of water per day. We cecommend two large bottles of water (32 fl. oz) a day. On the 6th day of treatment you begin the process again by adding one tablet to a large bottle of water. Continue these instructions until you have attained your disired weight. Do not take more than one tablet in each 5 day period.

Cautions: If you are pregnant or breastfeeding please seek the advice of your medical practioner before using.

Cost: 19.95 for 4

Company info: P.O. Box 3913, Las Vegas, NV 89127, 1-866-648-1878 it was shipped from Zurich, with a customs Declaration and return address is CC International, SPI UK 077, 4002 Basel Switzerland

That's actually about all the info I have about it.

So like I said, i just started it today, in my opinion, the tablet makes the water taste horrible, so I drank it as fast as I could and chased it with another bottle of water *L* I haven't felt tired or anything today, I have felt just fine, no headaches, tummy aches, abnormal strange things anywhere. I would say I was sweating a little more than normal, but I was also working harder than normal so that's not unusuall either.

I will post as often as I can about my progress, wish me luck! And yes, I'm going to chat with my doctor about this soon.

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on Jul 13, 2005
Day 2, different scale ( but the one I will use for the rest of this) 223, but like I said, don't mean much, I had to switch scales. I feel fine, no headaches, cramps, fatiuge, or dehydration.
on Jul 13, 2005
I hate to tell you this, sweetie, but there's no magic pill.

Calories in, calories out. That's what it's about.

Someone who is fairly sedentary needs about 13 calories per pound of body weight to maintain her weight. At 223 lbs, you would need 2,899 calories a day to maintain.

To lose a pound a week, you need to shave 500 calories off per day. That's 2,399 calories a day.

To lose two pounds a week, you need to shave off 1,000 calories per day. That's 1,899 calories a day.

If you exercise, you can add more calories depending on the type of exercise, your weight, and the intensity of your workout.

About two pounds a week is the recommended max for healthful weight loss. You may lose more at first due to diet changes and water weight lost, but it should level off to 1-2 lbs. a week after the first two or three weeks. Losing more than that usually indicates that you are losing water and lean muscle mass instead of fat.

Give up the expensive, potentially dangerous pills, babe, and just keep a food log. There are even some available online.
on Jul 15, 2005
I started this new diet today also.... I am curisous, you've been on for 2 days now, any weight loss? Im keeping my fingers crossed. Let me know if you've talked with your doctor. Thanks.
on Jul 15, 2005
I know deep down there is no magic pill, but since everything else has failed including the food logs and the professional nutritionist, slimfast and other diets, and I can't take those pills with caffeine, and my thyroid test and diabetes tests came back normal, what am I left with? Surgery? I exersize daily, and watch my calories, cut out fast food and sweets.

Day 4 220
on Jul 30, 2005
I am curisous, any weight loss?
on Jul 30, 2005
I wouldn't bother buying it again. I still have 2 pills left though. I didn't get the promised results and I'm dissapointed in the product. I lost weight yes, but not because of the pill, I lost several pounds from working on my uncles farm and forgetting to eat *L*.

So the point of this artical, anyone thinking of buying this product, don't bother, That Money back part sounds really good, but it's only 20 days from the day you order, and since you doing get the product till day 10 of it, by the time you notice what your results are, you can't get your money back.
on Aug 02, 2005
got the same ad today in mail for this EquiTrim Diet pill - can't find anything on the web about it - just curious if anyone else has
on Aug 02, 2005
I got this ad also, So attractive results.. Really want to buy it. Did anyone acutally lost weight from this?
on Aug 02, 2005
it's me again, so the Money Back garanteed is not real?
on Aug 02, 2005
The Money back garantee is real, but not fathimable, like I said, it's a 20 day money back garantee, but it takes 10 or more days to get the product. Also, Noone has been answering the phone at the number they gave me. I don't recomend this product to anyone!
on Aug 02, 2005
i,m sitting here reading the same article I read yesterday, only yestersday the person was a male and today she's a female...same comments same who are you and why is there nothing on the net about this "wonderpill"?
on Aug 02, 2005
I got the same ad in the mail and was going to try it as well. Tried the Maggie Drozd Method. (that was a bunch of bull) Went to GNC and bought RELEASE and that stuff made me sick and nausiated. So I guess this is another hoax. I guess the only way is the right way.
on Aug 03, 2005

Forget the pills- use common sense.  *Everyone* can lose weight, you just have to try.

If you exercise daily and eat right, you will lose weight.  It's a simple concept of calories consumed versus calories burned.  I have a ton of health problems, and I still lose weight when I adhere to a sensible diet plan like Weight Watchers.  However, results aren't quick, and they shouldn't be.  You didn't get to that weight overnight and you won't lose the weight overnight either.  There is no magical fix.  It requires long term commitment and honest work.

on Aug 05, 2005
i just got the same ad in the mail today and it sounded so tempting that I was gonna order it......but after reading these comments I dont think that I will. I also tried the maggie drozd method which promised to lose up to 35 lbs but i dont believe that i even lost one pound....Does anyone know of anything that really works....I mean I have tried dieting and excercising but it just doesnt seem to work for me
on Aug 06, 2005
I ordered the Maggie Drowzd method, though I did not lose the 35 pounds it promised, I have lost 20, and I still have pills left. I think it depends on the person taking the product. I am happy with my results, and I am about to order more. I think, if I would have followed the steps in the book I would have gotten the promised results. I did not change anything about my diet or exercise, I don't exercise, unless you consider chasing a 2 year old and a 7 month old exercise. I started at 191 pounds on July 5 and today I am 172 pounds. I always weigh myself at the same time everyday, too. This is just my story, if you have any doubts don't order it, but I say what does 35 dollars hurt? If you lose the weight you are very happy, if you don't you know it wasn't the right diet plan for you and to never buy it again.
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