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Published on January 9, 2006 By msladydeath In Diet
It has been requested, several times over for me to write up a follow up to Equitrim Day 1, so here it is.

Equitrim did not work for me, I have lost weight, but I lost none with Equitrim. To my knowledge, my blog is still the only place to get information about this product.

Question: Does Equitrim have any side effects?

My Answer: I wouldn't know that. It's not FDA approved in the US to my knowledge, and I have no scientific information about side effects, adverse reactions, or even scientific proof that it will work.

Question: Does it work?

My Answer: It did not work for me, and has not worked for any of my blog commenter's. One of them even gained 5 lbs.

Question: What are you doing to lose weight?

My Answer: I do not sit still. I am constantly in motion now, and it works for me. I will lay on the couch and do leg lifts while watching TV. For every hour spent on the computer I will get up, stretch my muscles a bit, walk the steps 5 times or so, then get back to what i was doing, takes very little time to do. I eat till I'm no longer hungry (not full) and stop. I prepare my food a little different (good cuts of meat, rinse ground beef under hot water to reduce the fat, using low calorie or low fat versions of cheese and such things that there isn't enough of a difference to matter) and I make sure to get 8 hours of sleep a night, no more than 8, just 8. I also make sure that every other soda I have is diet (or a 0 calorie soda that I like). I drink the diet sodas slower than my normal Dr. Pepper, but I don't want to give up my Dr. Pepper completely and I can't stand the diet version.

Question: How do I order it?

My Answer: If you really want to know that, even after reading this and the comments on the original blog, the information is clearly stated in the article body of the original blog, here is the link............ Link

I strongly feel this product is not worth ordering, but I started the articles for information and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I welcome comments.

on Jan 15, 2006
There is no substitute for the original way. Diet and exercise, funny how we all try to do things the easy way, and just end up waisting time that could have been used doing it the tried and true way. Glad to hear it's working for you.
on Feb 16, 2006
Msladydeath, Equitrim must have just sent out another mass mailing; I got mine yesterday, and thankfully, I followed the thread you had started and I now won't waste my money. (I noticed a lot of people had received theirs in the last few days, too.) I need to lose a LOT of weight (100 lbs plus), and even though I'm an articulate, intelligent, educated woman, the fat girl inside is still very vulnerable and wants so very badly to believe in a "magic" method that she has wasted a lot of time and money over the years and ALWAYS been disappointed. Thanks for your ongoing assessment of this new "miracle" less let-down for my little fat girl! Best of luck to you. I'm going to talk to my doctor next month about the lap-band weight loss surgery. Wish me luck! Thanks again.
on Feb 16, 2006
Momcats, I had been thinkin about that surgery where they remove a third of the intestinal tract, but I'm not overweight enough for it. Good luck, and sending skinny vibes your way!
on Feb 27, 2006
I tried many many mail order weight loss plans with no results until I decided to try this last one Equitrim and I recommend it highly. I didn't stick to it as it directed but I started it in Dec 05 and I have lost 45 lbs already! All my friends want to know how I lost all the weight so quickly! Now I have also cut out a few things in my diet but nothing too drastic! I haven't taken it in weeks and still continue to lose! I am 5 9" and weighed about 205 and now at 165.I was a tight size 16 and hated the way I look but now I am a 12 and still dropping! I personally would recommend it as I have to my close friends!
on Feb 28, 2006
Yvette, that reminds me of a "testamonial" . Any how, I'm sure if you would talk to your doctor he would have serious concerns about losin 45 lbs in about 3 months, especially since after the first week you should only lose 2 lbs a week to insure proper kidney function. As so far, out of about 60 some comments I have seen about Equitrim, Only 2 have been positive, and only yours has yet to be rebuted. Bad out weighs the good so far..........
on Mar 07, 2006
I ordered EquiTrim in early Feburary. It was charged to my Visa on 2/13/06. I still have not received my order. I do have the 1-866-648-1878 phone number, but every time I call's busy. I wish I would have known about this web-site and all of the informative comments on this product, prior to ordering it. This is the only place on the net with ANY info on EquiTrim. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to get this product? I realize after reading the numerous comments about it, it's probably junk, but I was charged $23.95 for the junk. Of course my credit card company won't do anything about it until I can prove that I tried to resolve this matter on my own, first. Clearly impossible when the number comes back busy 24/7. PLEASE... anyone with any info on this company, respond!

Much thanks!!!
on Apr 24, 2006
Oh wow, I wish I would've looked up this diet thing when my mom asked me a few months ago. She brought the order that costs 50 dollars, she will start using it tomorrow.
I've heard weight watchers is very good. A coworker of mine used it and she looks great! Losing weight takes time and if you see results really fast one, its unhealthy and two its more likely water weight than anything else. I ordered the Gilad Quick Fit System. He is phenomenal first off! In order for any diet to work like Ms. Karma said, you have to burn more calories than you consume, also you have to drink enough water for your body. Me, I weigh 240, so I have to drink about 12-13 glasses a water a day. Now you may say wait that's alot of weight, but here's another surprise, im 5'6. My body is very weird... I have alot of muscle and no im not bragging, I dont look my weight, EVER.. You said when you were training hard Ms.Lady that you gained weight, guess what, MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT BUT TAKES UP LESS ROOM... Gaining weight is normal in the beginning but youre not really gaining weight per se, you gaining muscle mass. And you should never weigh yourself every week. If you exercise how you suppose to, you will see it.. and if weight is what you need to do, you need to do cardio at least three to four times a week. and weight lifting is a must.. If you want to see super results, you would have to do cardio three times a day, morn, afternoon and evening...even if its a brisk walk, three times a day.. you must always consult a doc first if you have medical problems. My weight loss was at first five pounds in the week, then it was getting to two pounds every week. That's only b/c I love to eat junk but I was still working out, once I kick the junk food craze, I will be on point.. Sorry for the novel, and I hope this helps someone... P.S. Word to the wise: You didnt put the weight on overnight so you shouldnt expect to lose it overnight...
on Apr 24, 2006
Thanks so much Accolades. Well, actually I have quit smoking, and had been smoke free for a month and am now on antibiotics for a sinus thing I have had for years ... Other than the kids, I should be able to work out more and more regularly. I so didn't know about that 12 to 13 glasses of water a day.. My body is wierd also, I don't look my wieght at all, and my legs are solid muscle and actually tone. I also know that my wieght can't drop below 145 or I will look anarexic.

Take care
on Apr 24, 2006
NO problem at all MsLady.... See the more muscle you have, the better, but I didnt have to tell you that. I never imagined being on a site like this, not that there's anything wrong with it but when I was looking up Equitrim just out of curiousity I came across this page. I so wanted to give my insight on the battle.
Here is a list of weight, oz. to drink and the conversion in quarts.. I found this site when I was doing a presentation in speech class in 2004, the link is null and void now but not the site.. Hope everyone has a good night

Daily Water Consumption
Your weight in lbs Oz. 8 Oz. Glasses Quarts
80 40 5 1
90 45 6
100 50 6 1 ½
110 55 7
120 60 7
130 65 8 2
140 70 9
150 75 9
160 80 10 2 ½
170 85 11
180 90 11
190 95 12 3
200 100 12
210 105 13
220 110 14 3 ½
230 115 14
240 120 15 4

on Apr 24, 2006
whoa the numbers were clumped together, lets try this again

Your weight in lbs
8 Oz. Glasses

1 ½


2 ½


3 ½


Sorry I thought it would work, but since this isnt microsoft word, it looked better than it seemed.. *-P

on Aug 11, 2006
to the guy who ordered it and never received it. you could always write to the company. the address it :
Equitrim institute
P.O. box 3919
Las Vegas, NV 89127
# 1-866-648-1878 mon-fri 8am-5pm PST
on Aug 16, 2006
I am using phentermine and I lost 15 lbs in 5 days. It makes me sweat alot and I cant drink cokes anymore, since I started the pills the sugar in them makes me sick. I dont feel hungry ever now and the only time I remember to eat is when I get shakey. I have had alot more energy on them too. My aunt took phentermine and lost so much weight her doctor wont let her use them anymore. I recommend trying it if you have a habit of eating too much.
on Sep 16, 2006
I tried Equitrim and alas no luck either. However, I was more "regular" and noticed decreased appetite. At least it helped with the sugar cravings, pure sugar products made me sick to my stomach.