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January 9, 2006 by msladydeath
It has been requested, several times over for me to write up a follow up to Equitrim Day 1, so here it is.

Equitrim did not work for me, I have lost weight, but I lost none with Equitrim. To my knowledge, my blog is still the only place to get information about this product.

Question: Does Equitrim have any side effects?

My Answer: I wouldn't know that. It's not FDA approved in the US to my knowledge, and I have no scientific information about side effects, adverse reactions, or ev...
July 13, 2005 by msladydeath
Alrighty, I'm starting a new "diet". Ok, So actually it's a diet pill so I don't think it really counts as a diet.

Day 1 Starting Weight.... 226. pant size is Mens 40 (I don't where womens jeans, I don't find them comfortable or flattering, I have an odd frame)

So my diet pill of choise is called Equitrim and since I can find nothing about it on the net, I'll post what I can about it for other that may be intrested. Then if any doctors have oppinions on this, or anyone else for that matt...